KKK Sons of Dixie: Don't Piss Off the Wizard

. Saturday, January 10

On Friday, Nov. 7, Cynthia Lynch's bus from Tulsa, Oklahoma arrived in Slidell, Loisianna. She was disabled due to mental illness, had no friends, and had applied to the Sons of Dixie, headed by the Imperial Wizard Raymond "Chuck" Foster. She was brought to Foster's rented compound in Bogalusa, and her initiation began. Her head was shaved, everyone wore the white, pointed hoods, and she pledged her loyalty to the Klan among the burning torches.

Leading his Klan of disciples to a campsite in a little town called Sun, the ceremony ended the next day. Lynch asked Foster for a ride back into town so that she could catch a bus back to Tulsa and was refused. She asked again, and Foster pushed her to the ground. She got up to approach again, and Foster put a gun to her chin and pulled the trigger. After she fell to the ground, Foster rolled her over, took out a pocket knife and cut into her back to find the bullet that hadn't left her body.

Foster's disciples include his 20 year old son, and recruits other twentysomethings via a web site. Police quickly rounded everyone up and charged Foster with second degree murder. Hearings begin in Feb.

Lance Hill, executive director of the Southern Institute for Education and Research at Tulane University said, "In the rural white south, there's a sense that they've become marginalized, and are politically irrelevant to national politics. Taking up those robes and rituals of the Klan can be seen as an act of defiance," he says, adding, "That's a dangerous turn, because that kind of hopelessness can lead to more extremist and violent acts of desperation."

The rising white supremest tensions are attributed to the economic crisis, a steady flow of immigrants, and Obama's election. "I think there's a perfect storm coming together, and we're at a very worrying moment," says Mark Potok, editor of the Southern Poverty Law Center's Intelligence Report, which tracks hate crimes in America.

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PurpleGreenPops.com said...

These are the kind of nut jobs that would like nothing better than to go down in history as the one who assassinated President Obama.

And they don't care if they die in the process.

Theresa Komor said...

Oh, don't say that! If any of the KKK saw it, they'd adopt Islam ASAP and declare jihad!!