Plot Thickens Between US and Iran

. Tuesday, January 13

The AP reports this morning that Iran has arrested four Iranians and accused them of involvement to topple the Islamic government. Supposedly, these four have been working with US financial and congressional backing. Iran is saying that the US has been promoting a revolution in its country with the help of its own "intellectuals." The New York Times reported that Bush refused Israel bombs because "he had authorized covert action to sabotage its suspected atomic arms development."

Perhaps it's because I'm still working on my first cup of coffee of the day, or maybe it's because this AP article reads like a summary of a poorly constructed conspiracy theory, but I noticed that it is nowhere else across this morning's wires. I'm missing something with all these broad accusations flying around.

Keep your eye out for me, and let me know if you see anything more on this, please. I'm on assignment for the next few days and won't be able to watch for updates.