Here's Our Weakness, Right Here. Got It? Good.

. Wednesday, April 8

The latest jewel in the rough that will probably slip under the surface in no time flat is called "Has power grid been hacked? US won't say." And that's what the article takes a page and a half to say: The US won't say.

Instead, what the article says over and over is that the computer systems that control our power grid are not and never have been protected. Well, at least in the first sentence. The second sentence says the power grid has always been secure. Then it says that the power grid is the easiest way to cause a non catastrophic attack on the US. Let's see, we'll blame the Chinese and the Russians right away since they always have hackers on hand.

So, Obama ordered a top to bottom review of the power grid as soon as he got into office. No sign of an admitted breach in the power grid, but the Wall St. Journal said there was.

At this point, who knows what to believe? But you sure can't miss the fact that the power grid is our weakest weakness. Got that? Should I say it again? Ah, no need to. The Reuters article blasted that news all over the world already, if anybody noticed...