A 13 Year Old's Life vs Religious Beliefs: Court Rules Boy's Life Wins

. Friday, May 15

Meet Daniel Hauser. This Minnesota boy is 13 years old and has Hodgkin's Lymphoma. His doctors say he has a 90 percent chance of survival with a series of chemotherapy and radiation. He received one round of the chemo, and his tumor shrunk.

Then, Colleen and Anthony Hauser, Daniel's parents, decided to opt for "alternative medicines" such as herbal supplements, vitamins, ionized water, and other natural remedies. The Hausers are Roman Catholic and follow the philosophies of the Nemenhah Band. At 13, Daniel is unable to read and does not believe that he is ill.

The state has charged the Hausers with medical neglect since the parents believe that chemo injections are an assault on their son's body. At least 5 doctors testified that chemo and radiation treatments are the best course of action and that have already proven effective in treating Daniel's cancer.

Brown County District Judge John Rodenburg has ruled that the Hausers have medically neglected their son, has allowed Daniel to stay with his parents, and has ordered the boy be re-evaluated with x-rays and a visit to an oncologist. If the tumor hasn't grown, the recommended treatments may be court ordered, but "would not order chemotherapy if doctors find the cancer has advanced to a point where it is too late."

Aren't we a bit past the point of sacrificing children for gods?