Don't Clap, Throw Money at Leno

. Sunday, May 10

Today, Jay Leno is holding two free comedy shows in a little town called Wilmington, OH. They expect thousands to show up for the event at the Roberts Centre.

Why? It seems the presidential candidates used Wilmington during the campaign to call attention to how small towns in America are effected by the recession (Who's kidding who? It's a depression!). DHL Express used to employ 8,000 workers there, up until last year, and it is expected that half of the 3,500 left working will be unemployed soon.

OK, so Mr. Leno's shows are supposed to be a "morale booster." I get that. But it seems a bit hollow to me. It's like saying "I'm sorry your house burned down" when in fact what you're really thinking is "I'm glad it wasn't mine!"

What would be a real help is to hold shows in less financially strained areas, charge admission, and then donate money collected for an extended unemployment fund for that town, then plan on doing the same for all the small towns in America. Didn't you think of that, Mr. Leno? Put your money where your mouth is, sir!

Then again, maybe no one would pay to see the show. Hmm.