Recession Drives Shifts in Brand Trust

. Saturday, September 19


With the recession’s fluctuations tied directly to consumer choices, a product’s brand becomes the most valuable to a product’s success. In the last year, consumer purchasing has shifted, with a major loss in trust in those products that dramatically reduced pricing to drive sales. The question becomes, “why did those products cost so much before if they are sold for so little now?”

The companies that have come out ahead in the recession are those that continue to generate new products that increase the value of the brand. The top two on the list from last year, Coca-Cola and IBM, rolled out several new, innovative product lines that won and kept the trust of the consumers to maintain their top spots per Interbrand’s ranking.

The biggest increase in brand value and trust along with miraculous growth is Google, who’s “do no evil” value statement won the attention of consumers. Google is the fastest growing company in the world.

The brands faring the worst? General Motors and Chrysler, Merrill Lynch and AIG, who all dropped off the list entirely.