Trouble Killing a Killer

. Tuesday, September 15

execution CNN’s top story of the moment is about a scheduled execution gone awry. A one-week reprieve is granted to Romell Broom because ‘authorities’ tried for over two hours to find a vein to administer the lethal cocktail and couldn’t find one. But, watching their time, those ‘authorities’ went and took a break.

Broom’s lawyer wrote the Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice to say that the continued failed attempts by so-called professionals to find a vein for an IV “cruel and counterproductive,” and that now, further attempts would yield “diminishing returns.” Further, the execution is not being carried out per the state’s constitution.

It seems that this problem of finding a vein is more of a pattern than a single issue. In both 2006 and 2007, two other inmates slotted for execution also had no veins to be found.

That this whole scenario is idiotic goes without saying. But, just like those elusive veins, it’s impossible to pinpoint just what part of it is especially stupid.