In the Back Door? Sheikh Buys NC Ranch

. Monday, January 4


Did I mention that I’m “geographically challenged?” So, I Googled it. I had to when I came across an article titled, “SC Horse Property Bought by Dubai Ruler.” Dubai, located within the United Arab Republics, is right there in the center of the proverbial Hot Seat. No, one bad apple don’t spoil the whole bunch, but what is left to think when a whole lot of bad apples are all from the same basket?

That’s my train of thought when I read this little snippet of an article found on

Dubai's ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, has purchased 360 acres in South Carolina’s Aiken County through the Darley America arm of his Thoroughbred empire. He eventually will operate a training facility on the property, according to a story on The deal for the land closed Dec. 30.


Plans for the site include the construction of a one-mile dirt track, Darley America president Jimmy Bell told the Aiken Standard. According to the publication, the property is located near the community of Montmorenci and is approximately six miles from the Aiken Training Track, a well-known winter training center for Thoroughbreds.


Bell also said there were no immediate plans to sell a previously purchased Aiken property, which includes two barns at the Aiken Training Track, that Darley bought from Robert and Janice McNair's Stonerside Stable in 2008.

Sure, I could just be contributing to the infinite number of conspiracy theories floating around, but this all seems to come neatly together under the guise of horse racing. Wouldn’t this large acreage be the perfect thing for a militant training center?

Just sayin’.


Sheila said...

Dubai is possibly the most westernised and tolerant of all the Middle East nations and relies heavily on tourism. It's the place where they have built the most incredible hotels and resorts - even a ski centre! My son had an apartment there for a time.

Deanna said...

Dubai is amazing. I'd love to go there. They are the most westernized, but also still quite conservative. In a good way. I think this will probably be a welcome addition to our country.