Lingerie of the Future?

. Saturday, January 9


Straight from Paris this month will come the introduction of lingerie that will hydrate skin and “make the moves” for you based on your own body heat.

A new line of panties tout 10 amino acids that soothe dry skin. They are called “Milkshake” and are made with knit as soft as satin.

Decollete has come up with a cupless anti-wrinkle bra to be worn while you sleep. The bra keeps the breasts apart in order to prevent the dreaded cleavage wrinkles that mysteriously appear in the night.

When you work out or flirt, your body heat rises, and if you’re wearing a Lisca bra, your breasts will rise more than your own natural allure. The bra is made from NASA’s memory foam that expands and contracts with body heat.

From Brazil comes the LZ bra, an ultra-light piece of clothing that weighs less than 67 grams.

The January 23 to 25 trade show will also feature high tech lingerie using ultrasound and laser technology to cut and construct garments with no seams.